Where Creativity is Nurtured, Skills are Acquired, and Art is Made

Fallbrook School of the Arts is dedicated to enhancing the cultural life of the picturesque Village of Fallbrook by providing arts education to every age, skill level and socio-economic group. We offer classes and workshops in ceramics, printmaking, jewelry making, classical drawing, fiber arts, oil/acrylic/watermedia/pastel painting, and paper arts. In addition, sculpture and welding classes are offered at the California Sculpture Academy located on the campus.

Fallbrook School of the Arts is a non-profit arts education facility serving culturally diverse individuals of all skill levels, children to adults. It is our mission to offer classes, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, studio space and additional activities that are designed to increase the cultural and educational life within the community. We strive to make Fallbrook School of the Arts an arts destination dedicated to creating harmony through arts education.

We are located in the historic downtown district in the Village of Fallbrook within walking distance of shops, restaurants, the Fallbrook Art Center, the Brandon Gallery, and other galleries.

Instructor Spotlight


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Joseph Zbukvic


Joseph is a highly skilled artist who has the ability to create a magical atmosphere and mood in his paintings. He is a strong believer in the benefits of painting on location. Joseph Zbukvic’s easy manner and sense of humor disguise a wonderful teacher. “I’ve learned many things from my students by simply observing what they see as mistakes. In reality, there is no such thing as a mistake in watercolor – I call them gifts from heaven because the very unpredictability of what the medium will do is its greatest strength” Joseph began his painting career in 1978 and quickly became one of Australia’s finest artists. Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Joseph immigrated to Australia when he was eighteen and has since won over 200 international awards with over 40 solo exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, London and San Antonio. Joseph is a member of the Victorian Watercolor Society and was its vice president from 1991 to 1994. He is a long-serving member of the Twenty Melbourne Artists’ Society and Australian Watercolor Institute. Joseph also teaches at Charles Sturt University and the Mitchell School of Arts. “My interest in painting began at a very early age. I grew up on a small farm in Europe where most of the work was done manually and in harmony with nature. I still find the landscape produced by this fine balance, the favorite subject for my paintings”. “I always say, go with the flow. If you listen to your watercolor as you paint, it will actually tell you where it wants to go. And if you learn to live in the lifetime of any given watercolor while it’s wet, you can travel an amazing journey and be quite relaxed about it, rather than hurrying in your own time. After all, a butterfly lives only for a day; that is it’s lifetime. A watercolour can be wet for mere minutes and that is it’s lifetime.”

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Joseph Zbukvic