Ceramic Figure Sculpture for Adults


Feb 6, 2016 to Feb 20, 2016
Julia S. Rasor
All Skill Levels

Julia's fine art figurative sculpture workshop is for adults to learn how to create three-dimensional representations of the human figure. All experience levels are welcome. Instruction is tailored to individual goals. Participants may choose to make a representational (realistic) or abstract figure.   


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Class Times

9:30 am to 1:30 pm
Fallbrook School of the Arts
310 E Alvarado St Ceramics Studio
92028 Fallbrook ,


About the Instructor

Julia S. Rasor


Julia is a professional figurative sculptor living in Fallbrook (San Diego County) California who is versatile in a wide range of media - concrete, steel, mesh, ceramics, plaster, bronze, wax, mixed media - and often incorporates found wood and rusty steel artifacts.  Her works have been described as dynamic, edgy and dramatic revealing an artist who has melded an intellectual understanding of human physiology and anatomy with a knowledge of industry and machines to create a dichotomic style and unique, expressive body of work.Julia says of her work:“Figurative sculpture satisfies an intense drive to connect through the ‘people’ I create.  I am drawn to the vast expressive possibilities the human figure elicits and explore a continuum of styles from representational ‘natural’ to abstract ‘mechanical’ figures.My life experiences formed my nature / machine style dichotomy - riding horses / motorcycle racing; fluid body movement of ballroom dance / martial arts’ machine-like positions; gliding motion on a paddleboard / explosive strength of rock climbing - these experiences along with my life-long profession of medical device invention (machines to aid the body, established my expressive dichotomic style.”Others describe Julia’s sculpture:“Julia used a clever technique of a book with two sides, separated but together, contrasting beautiful flowing classical sculptures with technically oriented angled and curved abstractive works. This was an effective means of expressing the two sides of her characterʼs role, the scientist entrepreneur contrasted with the sensual artist.”“Julia’s works characterize the Human struggle.  Whether it exemplifies the economy, international affairs or just our daily lives of trying to live our destinies, the works speak in a very emotional way of our humanness in a world of sorrows and joys.”