Niki Hilsabeck

Niki Hilsabeck is an artist from Fallbrook, California.Having spent most of her life painting and drawing, Niki began taking courses in pastels with Temecula artist David Musser in 2004. Niki currently works primarily in pastel, using a unique method that incorporates wet and dry pastel sticks layered on flat canvas or heavy paper to build deep shadows, create bright lights, and give an added effect of blended texture.  She also paints with acrylic, creating mixed media works with a palette knife and chalk, or painting impressionistic scenes with a brush on canvas.Being a native of California, Niki finds inspiration in local scenery—particularly that which features the natural world.  Whether it be the twisted trunk of a live oak tree, the glimmering light of an ocean sunset, or a burst of colorful flowers, Niki delights in harnessing the beauty of the scenery around her and bringing it to life with her pastels.In addition to writing about her painting experiences for her blog, Niki contributes regular articles for  Having taught upper elementary and middle school students for over ten years, she has created lesson plans for Bright and particularly enjoys introducing young people to the freedom of discovering tools such as writing and painting to express themselves creatively.Niki can be reached at with any inquiries about commission work, art lessons, or current work for sale.You can read more about Niki's creative process and upcoming art events in her regular blogposts at